About Brad

Brad Cameron is 23 from Melbourne, Australia. He is the owner of @buildyourempire on Instagram, a community of over 1 million entrepreneurs. He also has a free digital magazine "Build Your Empire Magazine" in the iTunes and Google play store for entrepreneurs.

His free eBooks "Building Your Instagram Empire", "100 Books Every Entrepreneur Must Read" and "25 Entrepreneur Productivity Hacks" have been downloaded collectively nearly 100,000 times.

He has a free ebook coming out soon called 1,000 successful entrepreneurs answer “What is your best piece of advice that you can pass on to someone that wants to be an entrepreneur?” that he is planning on impact millions of people with, so keep an eye out for that.

Soon he's releasing a watch brand that he has co-founded.

He's also aiming to leverage his Instagram page and magazine to raise $25,000 USD to build a school in Laos for kids in need via a Pencils of Promise campaign.

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Free eBook coming soon