On this episode of the podcast Joshua Denne interviews two of the most influential human beings from the crypto world, Travis Wright and Joel Comm from Bad Crypto Pod Cast. Their podcast has generated over 4 Million Downloads and is currently the #1 Ranked Podcast in Crypto and top 10 in Business Finance on iTunes. They have developed an expertise in this realm. Tune into the show as they share their wisdom of the crypto world and learn how they developed a powerful empire from this new crypto economy.

– Travis Wright: https://www.linkedin.com/in/teedubya/
– Joel Comm: http://joelcomm.com/
– Bad Crypto Podcast: http://badcryptopodcast.com/ 
– Additional Info: http://podbay.fm/show/1261133600/reviews

Show Details: What will be your legacy in this lifetime? Tune into the show Build Your Empire, and let us help you cultivate that legacy as we will interview the greatest minds in this planet. Listen in as these great minds share their story on how they were able to build their own empire. Apply the knowledge and you too will eventually build your own empire as well. We’ll see all each other at the top!

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