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About Brad Cameron

Hey there, my name is Brad Cameron and I’m from Melbourne, Australia. I’m the owner of @buildyourempire on Instagram, a community of over 1 million entrepreneurs.

I’m not going to bs you and pretend I’m some successful multi-millionaire, I’m just passionate about this space and want to provide free value where I can. My mission is simple, I want to help millions of aspiring entrepreneurs with free magazine issues, free ebooks, an interview each day with a successful entrepreneur (coming soon) and in time free videos/courses featuring these successful entrepreneurs.

Soon I’m releasing a watch brand that I have co-founded with Randall Pich called @empire_timepieces.
Have a business idea that we could collab on or need help promoting your personal brand? Great, reach out to me at
I’m also aiming to leverage my Instagram page and magazine to raise $25,000 USD to build a school in Laos for kids in need via a Pencils of Promise campaign. Email me if you’re interested in trading promotions for a donation:
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